Policy and Events

Over the past few years, we have proven our ability to adapt and innovate in the face of a global pandemic. Amidst these challenges, we strengthened our presence in the community, rallied behind health professionals on the
 front line and advocated for health reform to the government. This last year has been no different and we have attended a range of events to showcase the impact of community-based solutions to complex
 health problems, the power of data-driven programs, and the multi-sectoral
 partnerships needed to provide cohesive, continual care.

Social Impact

As part of our dedication to achieving long-term, sustainable health reform, we have expanded our Social Impact and Community Development portfolio. This new directorate is tasked with:

  • Developing strategies and policies that expand our
 reach and impact
  • Strengthening relationships in community to
 co-design together
  • Designing digital tools that improve health outcomes
  • Ensuring First Nations’ expertise helps us shape future health programs and protocols
  • Delivering accurate, timely information that increases
 health literacy and service awareness
  • Creating a new strategic research framework to
 harness high-quality research
Social impact chart