Our Culture

Working at WentWest

Each year, we run an annual culture and engagement benchmarking survey to understand how we are performing as an employer and how to provide the best possible work culture and working environment for our staff.

Is WentWest a Truly Great Place to Work?

In 2022, our result was 92% ‘Yes’. This is the best result our PHN has ever had.

Working at WentWest chart

What Makes WentWest a Truly Great Place to Work?

  • Our shared staff culture
  • Flexibility
  • Support
  • Positive attitude
  • Respect
97% People are very optimistic about WW’s future.
97% WW is innovative, progressive, 
pro-active and dynamic.
95% WW has an environment where staff feel valued, encouraged and appreciated.

WentWest is typed as a 'Culture of Success' in our annual Employee Engagement Survey

WentWest is typed as a ‘Culture of Success’ chart

Our Home

We have been at our new home at Innovation Quarter (iQ) in Westmead for just over a year, and from staff meetings to provider talks, 20-year celebrations to NAIDOC celebrations, we’ve been proud to welcome staff, partners and community into our new space. Our move to iQ was a direct response to staff feedback in past culture and engagement surveys, and we’re pleased to say that in this year’s results, 97% of staff agreed that ‘during the past year there has been an improvement in WW’s services and facilities’.

Staff photo
WentWest staff meeting
Staff photo
Commissioned providers, STARTTS, visit the WentWest office
Staff photo
Staff run a Bake a Wish fundraiser in our new office

Our Employees

Our team is full of talented and diverse people who are passionate about making a lasting and tangible difference in our community.

Our diversity is evidenced with over half of our Senior Management Team and half of our Board are women, and 21 out of 31 of our people leaders are women.

Staff photo
The People and Culture team attend AHRI's International Women's Day event

Our Benefits

With such a wonderful, diverse team behind us, we have been hard at work expanding career opportunities and organisational benefits. This year, we expanded our parental leave offering, offered a thank you long-service leave to staff who have been with us for five years or more, introduced a floating leave policy supporting the diversity of our people, and redesigned our job profile bands in line with market research to offer more competitive remuneration to our employees. Our Employee Assistance Program has now been running since 2012.

Reconciliation Action Group

Our Reconciliation Action Group has been working hard this year to transition into a new phase of advocacy and relationship-building to improve the health and wellbeing of First Nation communities in our region. Along with attending regular community events, we were fortunate to welcome a new First Nations Outcomes Lead role and are excited for what’s to come in the year ahead.