Senior Management

  • Ray Messom
    Ray Messom
    Chief Executive Officer

    Before joining WentWest, Ray was accountable for managing the System Information & Analytics Branch within the NSW Ministry of Health - the authoritative source of truth on system performance which underpins the NSW Government’s public communications on public health system performance and the Ministry of Health’s decisions on the purchasing of health services. Ray supported the annual purchasing of $33 billion of health services across all 228 public hospitals in NSW, supported performance improvement and management of public healthcare systems and was accountable for data custodianship, analytics, service level agreement reporting and many digital innovations. Ray has also worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada and PwC Australia where he advised government, private, NGOs and academic sectors across Australia and Canada on several transformational reform agendas.

    Ray has more than 20+ years of experience in Australia and Canada with academia, public and private sectors, is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), a Graduate of the AICD (GAICD) and holds a Master's Degree in Business Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Minor in Business. He is passionate about breaking down barriers and addressing perverse incentives in order to transform systems to enable integration of care, collaboration and partnership across health, education and social service sectors. He is a vocal advocate for equitable access, system improvement and patient-centred approaches to improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

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  • Michelle Quinn
    Michelle Quinn
    Senior Director, Strategic Commissioning

    Michelle worked in the UK for the most part of 20 years, with a focus on strategic commissioning for the past 12 years. She recently returned to Australia and will continue to pursue her notable career in the commissioning space. With deep experience in the UK health and social care market, underpinned by clinical and operations management experience, Michelle is well positioned to work with WentWest to progress our strategic commissioning vision. 

    Michelle has a clinical and operational management background, having started her career as a speech pathologist working in Australia and the UK. As the Head of Service across adult provider services in a London borough, Michelle led a team of 600 people working in 15 teams and sites. She is highly experienced in direct clinical service delivery across health and social care and is known for developing collaborative partnerships that share learning and best practices so that good ideas reach communities. She has been involved in developing personalised services for vulnerable people across London’s diverse communities, developing services across aged care, mental health, children and adolescents, neurological conditions, and learning disability fields. Michelle holds a Master of Science in Human Communication (Acquired Neurological Disorders) from City University London and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) from Sydney University. She is also a Prince2 registered practitioner. 

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  • Jane Assange
    Jane Assange
    Director, Primary Care Transformation and Integration

    Jane has worked in the health care sector for 20 years, and prior to this, she worked across several industries, from large corporates to running a small family business. Her health roles span practice management, program management, pharmaceutical sales and management and leadership.

    Jane has a long-standing history with general practice and GPs in Western Sydney through her role with the Division of General Practice and many years working in the Pharmaceutical Medical Devices sector.

    Jane joined WentWest in 2016 as the Primary Care Quality Improvement Manager, leading the Practice Development Team whose primary objective is partnering with general practice to build capacity and capability, and driving practice transformation on the ground.

    Five years ago, Jane moved into the Director of Primary Care Transformation and Integration role to lead a portfolio that spans General Practice and Residential Aged Care transformation, Collaborative Commissioning, Partnerships and Population Health and Strategic Priorities. She has been integral in the evolution of our approach to building and supporting Neighbourhood Health Hubs by fostering integration and collaboration across the sector and connecting community, general practice, residential aged care facilities, allied health providers, community pharmacy, commissioned providers, community health and acute services.

    Jane has long been committed to driving primary care transformation and is particularly excited by the recent investment in primary care reform. Now is a significant time for primary care, and Jane realises the time is now to influence and strive for meaningful change in the system to improve health outcomes for the people of Western Sydney.

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  • Michael Fasher
    Michael Fasher
    Clinical Director

    Michael has been a general practitioner in Blacktown for 40 years. That means he has had the opportunity to care for three generations of many families and enjoys being reminded of that in common encounters on the street. The passing decades have seen his satisfaction in the work increase. He recognises the potential of general practice to help families flourish whilst they raise healthy, happy and well-adjusted children and young people.

    His professional joy in working with individual children, young people and their families is tempered by the recognition that business as usual has not, is not and will not make a favourable impact on health and wellbeing at the population level. The life chances of an Australian child (at the population level) depend on the postcode in which they are raised. This inequity is an iniquity beyond the reach of individual clinicians and of individual general practices. It is the fact that has driven Michael – along with GP colleagues who inspire and sustain – to work in and with WentWest in pursuit of the quadruple aim. He is confident that WentWest is ready, willing and able.

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  • Anthea Markham
    Anthea Markham
    Director, People and Culture

    As the Director of People and Culture, Anthea leads the ongoing development of an aligned, motivated, healthy, and agile workplace in which our people thrive and positively impact the organisation's success. Anthea’s focus on employee engagement, leadership development, leading organisational change and driving performance to help deliver strategic objectives has resulted in a resilient, innovative, supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Anthea has 25 years’ experience in people and culture roles in health care, consumer products and education across the not-for-profit, global corporate and government sectors. Prior to joining WentWest, Anthea worked for the Sunbeam Corporation, the Coleman Company, the Jarden Corporation and TAFE Digital. Anthea has a passion for developing the next generation of HR professionals through her commitment to mentoring work with tertiary institutions.

    Anthea holds a Bachelor of Arts (Sydney University), Graduate Diploma in Adult Education (UTS), Graduate Diploma of Human Resources (Deakin University) and is a Certified Professional Member (CAHRI) from the Australian Institute of Human Resources.

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  • Nathalie Mann
    Nathalie Mann
    Director, Social Impact and Community Development

    Nathalie has significant experience across the health care, not-for-profit, academic, corporate and government sectors, including work for NSW Department of Health, the French Ministry of Health, Johnson & Johnson, the University of Sydney, UNICEF, UNAIDS and USAID. Her roles have taken her across Europe, Asia and the Pacific, allowing her to build strong relationships with stakeholders at international government, private industry and community levels.

    Prior to joining WentWest, Nathalie was the Executive Director of Bader Capital, leading the global health arm of the capital markets advisory firm. She is a regular health policy, economics and marketing lecturer at various universities and has spoken at several innovation events covering topics including artificial intelligence technology, policy and design thinking.

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